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Three nights at the best Hotel in Olowoira Part 1

Arriving at The Best Hotel in Olowoira

I arrived at Darrell Suit at Night, the street was well lit, so I felt safe, which was good. I would be spending three nights here after all. I had come to Olowoira on for a Business project, and my office had decided to pay for my lodging with a eye for comfort and serenity, so it was only natural for me to be lodged in the best hotel in Olowoira.

The first thing he that struck me about the hotel was how quiet it was, I could just imagine all the typing I would be in the mood to do, and how peaceful my sleep would be. It was a note worthy observation, you see, when my office’s receptionist informed me that she had booked a an hotel in Olowoira, I was worried, I expected the environment to be noisy, but this hotel, the quiet, the comfort I felt just by stepping into the compound is incomparable.

I could see a small pool at the far edge of the hotel, it looked cozy and I wanted to check it out, but I also had to check in. I would be in Olowoira for three nights, I had enough time to look around.

I proceeded to the reception and was greeted first by beautiful ornaments on the left. I would make out time to look at them, I thought, as I approached the reception to book a room.

The Hotel’s receptionist was pleasant. He welcomed me with a smile like they had been expecting me and directed an hotel staff to show me to my room. The hotel staff gave be the best tour on my way. But I’m getting ahead of my self. See, another worry I had about being in Olowoira was security.

I had an unspoken need for security and that need was address from the entry into the street which was well lit with street lights which I’ll later find were powered by the Hotel, to the door leading into the hotel rooms. The door that lead me to the reception was automatic and there was an active CCTV camera pointed positioned in a way that it could see every person who walked into the hotel. And the door leading out of the reception and into the main part of the hotel was protected with a card. The receptionist placed the card in front of the door and it opened, then told me that only the card could open the door from the outside.

He showed me a cozy dinning table set up in case I did not want to have breakfast lunch or dinner alone, or I had a guest and did not want to bring them up to my room, but also wanted to serve them lunch,. I was on a business trip in Olowoira, I probably would not need it now, I thought.

We were heading to room 118, and on the way to the room, I could see that the hotel had a good appreciation for the arts, a particular art that struck me was the picture of the Irobo man dancing. There were also quotes that I would later take down to keep with me when I returned.

We passed a lobby on the way to my room and I was told that there was another one on the floor below. It was also a place I could entertain guests in, mostly if I did not want to bring them into my room, and that I could also entertain my guest at the bar or the pool. But I knew that if I ever did get a guest, I would want them in the lobby. You see, the lobby looked like a really comfortable sitting room, it felt like home and it gave off that feeling that just welcomed you.

My room was just after the hotel lobby, it had been a long trip from Ibadan and I could not wait to jump in the shower and and go to bed., but once the security card was placed on the door, that tired feeling faded and turned to awe. I still wanted to get in bed and sleep, but now I just wanted to explore my room first. So once the staff handed me my card, I dropped my things on the bedside and and admired the room I’d be spending three nights in.

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