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Three nights at the best Hotel in Olowoira Part 2

How I Made use of The Amenities At Darrell Suits

My Room cost N18,500 a night and yet it felt like it cost more. The bed felt so comfortable that it cured five years worth of Back pain. The Air Conditioning was just right and I did not have to turn it down or up, the wardrobe was neat and had several hangers for my cloth and the bathroom had enough space to move and a good mix of hot and cold water. Did I also mention that the room is beautiful? But Darrell Suits did not drop their Amenities at the room alone, so I’ll list the amenities and tell you how I made use of them.

Amenity 1: The Comfortable Reception – I was in Darrell Suits for a business meeting but I made time to see my long time friends who live in Lagos, In fact, I announced that I was around online and Informed my friends of which hotel I would be be staying in. The reception has a comfortable couch, so my friends waited for me there while I was at my meeting. The reception has beautiful ornaments which my guest and I took out time admiring, and a mirror which I made use of to reassure myself that I looked good before leaving the building.

Amenity 2: The Security – I spent three nights at Darrell and it was three of the most peaceful sleeps I have ever had. The street light were always on at night, and the security guard was always on duty. There was a security camera pointing towards the entrance at the reception, and plus that, the door leading to the rooms could only be opened with an hotel card so no outsider could just waltz in. My room also had its own card. Every card was recorded on a computer so there was little chance of my card being mistakenly given to another person.

Amenity 3: The Art – Yes, I am counting this as an amenity, because it incited a feeling in me that I just had to write about. From the moment I entered I just knew the architect of this hotel was a fan of the arts, from the swan, and dancing couple in the reception, to the painting of the the blue flower in my room, room 118. There was something about that flower that just spoke to my soul. Then there were the quotes and inspirational sayings and quotes. A wrote one down. It was about love. Even in the bar, there were inspirational quotes.

Amenity 4: Constant Light – Darrell Suit has two generators on stand by, this is why I never, not once experienced a blackout while at the hotel, I didn’t even notice the light switch from PHCN to generator, even while watching television.

Amenity 5: Choice TV stations – I was not stuck with just one station like you get at some other hotels, at Darrell Suit I could switch between foreign channels and local channels when I was less busy. I had complete control of my television.

Amenity 6: The Lobbies – There is a sitting room, on each floor of the hotel, it is comfy and cozy. I felt so at home that I invited a guest of mine upstairs with me and we sat in the sitting room together. He wanted to watch the EPL too and we had as much TV control in the lobby as I had in my room, so there was no need for him to come in. It felt just like home.

Amenity 7: The Pool – It is quite small, not really meant for a crowd, since the hotel is particular about serenity. It can mostly be defined as a big Jacuzzi, and it felt great to soak in it in the hot afternoon on Sunday.

Amenity 8: The Bar – It is close to the Jacuzzi and it is quite cozy, it is meant for hotel residence and small meetings, which is why I did not meet a crowd there. It was quiet too, which is why when my colleague came to run through our work, we sat in the bar with a cold can of beer and a bottle of vodka.

Amenity 9 – The Room Service – Did you think I’ll leave this out? I couldn’t order room service on my first night because I fell asleep the second I lay down. I had work the next day. But, first thing in the morning, I pounced on the menu, they have everything you can imagine eating in Nigeria. I had the steak in mushroom that morning with spaghetti Bolognese, in the afternoon I had Prawn in plump sauce Stir-Fry Noodles and at night I had fresh fish pepper soup. The next day I decided to eat downstairs at the dining table, just to feel like I was at home. The menu also covered soft drinks, wine and alcohol but because I was on a diet and company budget, I opted not to order a bottle of Carlo Rossi or Hennessy drinks and wine.

There you have it. This is how I enjoyed the Amenities that my three Nights stay in Darrell Suit Afforded me, oh and did I mention that Darrell Suits is in a close proximity to West Gate Mall?

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